On-Site Service

ComPerSol On-Site service - We come to you!
ComPerSol’s on-site support doesn’t mind if you’re a home or business user

Why should your computer problem be any different just because it’s used for business or home?  
Unlike those others, we don’t charge more for business or home usage - our pricing is the same.

You’ll never have to worry that your appointment is getting bumped, canceled, passed over, postponed for some other, due to multi-pricing tiers like other companies.  We value each appointment, equally.

There is no faster way to make a client upset, due to giving preference to some other, due to multi-tiered pricing structure. The backward thinking of making more money from having multiple tiered pricing, while leaving someone continuously waiting for someone whom isn’t going to show up, makes no sense.  We know, we’ve seen it with companies all over.  

We’ve never done it and never will!

Which is why, for over 25+ years, ComPerSol has been able to keep our appointments and a 99.9% client  satisfaction level.  In fact, we operate on “Your Guaranteed Satisfaction” level.

Everyone’s IT is equal with us

Hard Drives

Internal Processor

RAM: System Memory

Hardware that has a tendency to do severe damage QUICK
when things go bad;

Are you having problems such as;

No problem with ComPerSol. We won’t give you any Geek Gibberish that you will not understand.  We help make sense of things for you, and talk to you, in an easy understanding way.  

We provide service for home and business PC needs. Give us a call and we’ll route a technician to you within 48 hours.

If you have an internet connection and in need of service on your system(s), please utilize our remote support service (RSS) first.
It saves you money up front and avoids issues from getting out of hand, fast.

Buy 4 Hour Annual Package:     
Regular Rate: $ 503.96     Pre-Paid:   

Buy 6 Hour Annual Package:
Regular Rate: $ 755.94     Pre-Paid:   

Buy 10 Hour Annual Package:
Regular Rate: $1259.90    Pre-Paid:   

Save on Pre-Paid Support On-Site “POWER PACKS”

For Business/Residences with multiple PC’s, needing a safety net or on-going onsite support throughout the year. Use the first few hours up…have the remainder for an entire year to use
(from date of  purchase)
or upgrade it to another full year by only paying the difference of a
package when your year is near ending.

All Annual Package time must be consumed within the allocated annual year from time of purchase. Prices do not include any trip/travel time, if applicable  
All prices are for normal business hours posted under support only.
Each on-site visit is minimum of one hour  Does not include weekends/Holidays

We provide three (3) Pre-Paid packages
for money savings use
 In easy to use 4 - 6 - 10 hour increments

 301:\498_1515    toll free 844.RSS.2561

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