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Instantly Recover from any Ransomware Attack

Revolutionary Technology that does more than just detect and block ransomware. Employ the only anti-ransomware solution that can recover encrypted data from any known/un-known, or zero-day threat.

Provides effective data protection against ransomware because changes are never made directly to the protected data files.

Delivering High Availability Solutions that aids in keeping  businesses up, and moving forward

We provide a unique approach for your computer performance solutions. With one focus. That focus is “High Availability”

Almost every business out here, typically are employing 40+
year old technologies attempting to maintain. Of course; 40 years ago Ransomware wasn’t of any fear, state sponsored cyberthreats weren’t a thought, and so on…

All ransomware breaches within the past few years have eluded cybersecurity protections. You name it, they’ve gotten past them. That’s why organizations need proactive recovery strategies in addition to defensive and reactive security measures.

In the event of a Ransomware/Malware attack, failed system
patch or application update’s gone bad or any software-related event that renders systems corrupt or un-bootable, our technologies significantly reduce resolution times – with a reboot. We protect your data with an impenetrable overlay protection.


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Protect Your Systems/Data From Ransomware and Cyberthreats

System recovery solutions get your servers and workstations
back up and running in no time after software corruption due
to failed Windows, application updates, or possible malware corruption.

Other security technologies can only remove threats they can detect. As with zero day and targeted attacks, those other security technologies seem to come up short.

And, we’re not reliant on a network connection. So it works on PC’s on or off the network, hybrid workforces, satellite offices, remote employees, etc.

System recovery solutions turn any PC back to its last known desired state, as fast as your system reboots

Easily supports new hybrid workforce

Think of this overlay, similar to how auto racing uses an overlay on
a windshield. So when it gets “corrupted” from bugs, all sorts of bad stuff, ect. It easily peels off revealing a pristine clean, un-interrupted clear view, ready to use instantly. Our technologies easily reverse any ransomware, changes made. Due to it’s all done on an overlay.

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