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Hackers around the world have resorted to a ridiculously simple tactic. They easily scan official websites of software vendors for announcements of vulnerabilities and start scanning for them in the software's system within as less as 15 minutes of revealing information.

Hackers scan for vulnerable devices
15 minutes after bug disclosures

According to research conducted by Palo Alto Networks, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions.

Managed comprehensive service that keeps an eye on your system(s)
and aids in keeping your system(s) secured & efficiently performing.

Secures your system and helps provide you maximum uptime from existing hardware while extending its lifespan

Critical Updates

Out-of-date operating systems are one of the most common attack points for hackers. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your systems always
have the latest critical updates.

Updates for Windows Defender

Updates for Windows Defender are carried out automatically as they become available. Normally, users have to manually stop their work, check for any updates, click on to download these updates, throughout the busy days, each system on its own.  

Optimizes Performance

The creeping fragmentation of PCs is one of the main reasons for performance loss and premature wear of storage media (hard drives and SSDs). Their availability is then reduced drastically. Depending on the degree of fragmentation, access to the hard disk can only be achieved much more slowly, so that valuable time is lost unnecessarily. Automatically Defrags optimizes hard drives and SSDs and efficiently prevents re-fragmentation. The resulting reduced physical wear and tear of the optimized storage media leads to an extended lifespan of the hardware. Faster backups: defragmentation dramatically reduces the time needed for making and restoring backups.

Operating System, Hardware at a glance for faster support

Keeps track which operating system in what version is installed. Shows us at
a glance all hardware components Such as CPU, Memory, hard disks etc.

Automates mitigation and remediation of security vulnerabilities in Hybrid Work Environments

Remote employees, automobile PC’s, Satellite offices etc.

Managed PC
Health Care

Advisory calls for timely patches to avoid top cyber risks

John Riggi, American Hospital Association’s national advisor for cybersecurity and risk, said, “According to this advisory from the ‘Five Eyes’ nations, hackers develop and deploy malware that exploits a known vulnerability within two weeks of its public release. Info

Most organizations still wait to get hit before they’re willing to change.

Known vulnerabilities are easy targets for attackers, as most businesses fail to implement software updates quickly.

Polls show 57% of data breach victims were compromised due to an unpatched, but known vulnerabilities

With our Managed PC HealthCare, your company can
be covered no matter where employees are located. Stop putting off your IT health.

Hybrid workforce; Satellite offices (non networked), networked, home based, road employees, etc.

Systems Supported:
Windows 11,10/8/7 (64-bit recommended)
Windows Server 2019, 2022

NTFS File System

Delivering Excellent Benefits

Extend Hardware Lifecycle

Sweat your assets longer, don't go overspending on expensive new hardware.

Software & Hardware inventory

Maintain list of both Hardware and Software.

Helps ReduceTimeouts & Crashes

Keeps your system running smooth and
efficient, putting an end to trouble-calls.

Improved Latency & Throughput

See up to 100% improvement, increasing efficiency of your infrastructure and that of your users.

Blazing Performance - Automatically

Fixes performance problems, such as application slows and freezes, at the source. No tuning required.

Patch Management

Precisely designed to maximize efficiency and simplicity of IT management in any size operation. Takes control of all computers within your organization, making sure each has the most current OS patch updates applied, and more.

Boost IT Efficiency with our Managed PC Health Care

Our service is designed to stay out of the way.  We perform services typically in the background, without having to disturb users from their workday, or forcing them off computers. Creating periodic downtimes, unlike those other guys may.  

We’re streamlined for easy deployment. Eliminating a lot of time consuming, cumbersome issues, that those other managed service companies may be doing to you.

We thrive in providing Improved service delivery and high client satisfaction.  

Remote Location Management