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Overlay Protection

When an application tries to modify a protected file, it
gets redirected and the file modification is stored on an overlay. Keeping the original file intact.

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Why backup struggles with ransomware

Ransomware has become the scourge of many businesses and is
likely not to disappear as a threat anytime soon. If anything,
ransomware is on the rise, as evidenced by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which observed an increase
in ransomware attacks across the world so far this year. That proves
to be troubling news as many organizations have recently adopted
work-from-home policies and in-home schooling.

Traditional backup solutions often are not effective when dealing
with a ransomware infestation simply because backup was only designed to recover from file deletion, corruption or catastrophic hardware failure.

However, in the case of ransomware, backup has little ability to
remove threats or clean up any infected system.

Typically administrators will need to format a computer and create
a clean environment before restoring data from a backup. This is something business owners would only discover after spending numerous hours on restoring a backup. This was proved out by
some ad-hoc testing.

Ad-hoc Testing

Testing was performed on a virtual machine environment running Windows 10, with files synced to both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. A ransomware attack was conducted using BadRabbit
and Unlock92, two pieces of ransomware that can be found in the
wild, and are often used as a starting point for many cyber criminals.

Testing methodology consisted of starting with a restored VM snapshot (to set up the basic system for testing), executing
the ransomware, then using a recovery method to restore the
OS and the damaged data files. The results of the tests exemplify
the differences between the different recovery methods and offer
a practical assessment of how SysRenew™ can benefit a business
that has suffered a ransomware attack.

* Based on Microsoft’s time of one hour to install Windows, plus any additional time to install patches and applications and set up email and other custom settings required by the user.

** Macrium requires a reinstallation of the OS and the Macrium software before it can do a full restore on the original OS and data from the backup image. In the latter case, it took 30 mins.

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Proactive cybersecurity

Instant recovery technology: There’s a big difference between a cyberattack and a cyber breach. While ransomware breaches may not be one hundred percent preventable, they can be reversible. We can’t always prevent a cyberattack, but we can prevent data loss from a breach. This is where instant recovery comes in and is a critical component of our multi-layered security stack.

A system that recovers data and operating systems within minutes, no matter how much was encrypted, saves valuable time and money. An instant recovery system adds an overlay to files and operating systems as a protective barrier to prevent them from being modified by hackers. It relieves IT personnel from having to recover data from backup systems and manually re-image operating systems. Eliminating the need to recover data over the network, conserving bandwidth and eliminating congestion, or deploying a technician on-site, to swap out a system, setting up a new system, etc.

Every organization with digital assets should have a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy that includes defense, response and recovery capabilities. These are essential for achieving a strong cybersecurity posture that is agile and will help ensure continuous and consistent protection while enabling quality user experiences.

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